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Ashley Palmer is a talented and hardworking individual who has made a name for herself in the world of entrepreneurship. She started her journey in 2018 when she joined Dreamstarters, a company founded by Mike Fallat that helps entrepreneurs write and publish their own books.

Ashley began her career at Dreamstarters as a photographer, responsible for taking high-quality photos of red stiletto heels, that Mike used as a marketing strategy. Her exceptional eye for detail and her ability to capture the essence of the brand made her a valuable asset to the company.

As time went on, Ashley's dedication and commitment to her work caught the attention of Mike Fallat, who soon promoted her to become his assistant. Her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail allowed Mike to focus on the taking the company higher. He was finally able to focus on exceptional growth.

Over the last few years, Ashley has continued to excel at Dreamstarters, eventually leveling up to become the project manager. In this position, she oversees all aspects of the book-writing process, from conceptualization to publication, and ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to her hard work, talent, and dedication, Ashley has become an integral part of Dreamstarters' success. She continues to inspire others with her can-do attitude and her unwavering commitment to the clients.

Ashley Palmer

Project Manager

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