Rescue Your Business [vBook]
The Business Strategies of a Firefighter Turned 7 Figure Entrepreneur
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A vBook (Video Book) is 45-60 minute video directly from the author detailing his entire book - including lessons and stories.  Instead of reading the entire book, you can learn directly from the author.  50% of all royalties are shared with author.
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Who is Kevin Tacher?
Kevin Tacher also known as “The Title King” – is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Independence Title Inc., a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based title insurance company. Kevin is an best-selling author and national real estate speaker. Featured on NBC as well as in person, Kevin has shared the stage with some of the country’s best real estate and motivational speakers. As a trailblazer in the industry, Kevin founded the nationally recognized website which is the leading source for title insurance rates, real estate mobile applications and up-to-date real estate information. He values community relationships and is involved with several non-profit organizations across the country.

Among his various philanthropic contributions, Kevin and his wife Alana have donated towards reducing the struggles of individuals and families in poverty, helping abused and neglected children, supporting our valued military families, granting wishes case by case, and assisting with disaster relief locally as well as abroad. Prior to moving to Florida in 2001, Kevin grew up on Long Island, NY where he was a firefighter and Fire Safety Director for the Crowne Plaza Hotel in New York City. He moved to Florida only twenty days before September 11, narrowly missing that tragic event. He is grateful for the go in together, get out together beliefs it instilled in him, leaving no one behind.

Professionally, Kevin has worked and held licenses as a mortgage consultant, real estate broker, home insurance agent and title insurance agent. Armed with extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, Kevin opened Independence Title Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His previous experience enables him to provide a complete range of knowledge for homeowners and real estate professionals throughout the State of Florida. Kevin loves travelling, scuba diving, fishing and spending time with friends and family. He enjoys living in South Florida with his wife Alana, his daughter Lindsay and son Jaxon. To learn more about Kevin Tacher, “The Title King,” and how you can receive a full copy of his books, please visit: or call 954-335-9305
Rescue Your Business was written as the result of over fifteen years of thought, research, and experience in the South Florida Real Estate market. I'll cover my successes along with my failures. I've been in the real estate industry for many years and have seen a wide array of transactions go smoothly. I've also seen my fair share of transactions that didn't go as well. All in all, I've closed over seven thousand five hundred transactions in my career as a Florida licensed title insurance agent, and I like to think that I've seen just about everything when it comes to buying and selling real estate in South Florida.What I specialize most in is caring that my clients go in the deal together and leave the deal together making sure everyone gets out unharmed. I want to make sure in each transaction all parties leave the deal better off than when they started.

Amongst the many real estate professionals that are successful, there are even more that are not. In my years of experience, I've seen quite my fair share of these real estate professionals go out of business. When it comes to buying and selling real estate, people want to know that they are dealing with honest people.My company Independence Title was founded many years ago with a mission to be the most efficient title company in the industry. It's been my ongoing objective to surpass the standards of service previously offered within the title company industry. We constantly accomplish this by establishing strong relationships with proven strategic alliances, offering competitive pricing, and delivering a satisfying experience, by both anticipating the needs and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We've also developed the nationally recognized website to help expand learning opportunities for individuals interested in real estate.

Our principle is clear and simple: Clients interested in real estate should be equipped with all the tools, strategies, and education necessary to help them achieve great success in their careers, while keeping their property title well protected. I wrote this book with that same mission in mind: to give the readers tips, suggestions, and educational nuggets that will make a difference in the way they either close their next real estate transaction or run their next real estate business.If you remember one thing from reading Rescue Your Business, you want the kind of person who is trained and willing to run into a blazing, five-alarm fire to rescue you, your family and your business. Wouldn't you want this type of person on your side before your business suffers a financial loss?
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