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Do you have a question about what I use for Instagram, how to do something, or anything related to starting a business from the ground up?  Have access to Mike Fallat with Started From Zero ON DEMAND.  Call or text him anytime and he will respond back as fast as humanly possible.
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  • Mike Fallat is an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, and man who loves true stories.  He started his first business as the age of 23 when he became his own real estate agent and bought a 4-unit rental building.  Growing up in a family of non-entrepreneurs, he realized pretty quickly that in order to get ahead in life, he had to play the game differently.  With no money and no connections, he had to use his story as a way to differentiate himself from others.  After years of failure, he finally was able to start making money from one of his entrepreneurial ventures.  This first level of success gave him the idea of putting a book out into the world and turning it into a best-seller on Amazon.  And that is when everything changed for him.

    For the first time in his life, people started to pay attention to him.  He realized the book was the great equalizer.  It leveled the playing field and gave him a chance to out work and out position those who were more connected and/or wealthier.

    That is what gave him the idea to create DreamStarters University, which is all about helping entrepreneurs use their own story as their competitive advantage in life.

    Mike and his team have helped over 100 entrepreneurs write their books.  Also, he is the author of DreamStarter, Attractive Story Selling, and Started From Zero.

    He is owner of Started From Zero Apparel and the Zero to Hero Seminar Series.
Helped 100 Entrepreneurs and Counting...
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