The Leadership Code [vBook]
A Simple Guide to Amplifying Your Mindset & Methods
WHAT IS A vBook?
A vBook (Video Book) is 45-60 minute video directly from the author detailing his entire book - including lessons and stories.  Instead of reading the entire book, you can learn directly from the author.  50% of all royalties are shared with author.
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Who is Britton Costa?
Britton Costa grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he earned his stripes in the steel industry for over a decade. Britton adopted the blue-collar mentality and went to work. Over the years, he realized his success was a result from his natural ability to talk with people and solve problems, which eventually led him to the financial services industry. This was the career change that would allow him to design the life he had always wanted. Right away, Britton realized he was playing the game that he was born to play. Today, Britton is a leader in his sales-driven organization where he not only drives massive amounts of production but more importantly, helps others unlock their full potential in and outside of the business. •He resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and is always on the look out to work with likeminded leaders and entrepreneurs.
This book is for the leader in all of us. I wanted to put everything that I have learned about leadership and how to create an unstoppable legacy into a simple guide for anyone to read. I have included lessons that I have not only picked up on my own, but many facets that I have learned directly from others. This book will explain how to create a formula that will teach how to reach goals with precise vision, lead your team to win multiple victories, dive into your imagination, apply an all-in mindset with everything you do, and much, much more. Until recently, I didn’t realize that I lived by a “code” in business. I was simply doing what I know works best. Now, its time to share that code with you.

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